Sunday, September 27, 2015

Japan GP, fake Senna wins

SUZUKA - typical illuminati, repeating a script. Just like his "the fans here are the best" and "the circuit and food here is my favourite" for every GP. 100% fake. A true arse licker. The new, next Senna taking 9 years for a pole position in Monaco, driving only fast cars.

MERDeces already put "2015 Hamilton P1", to remind who MUST win for the sponsors... double money for Shamilton, title for him this year too.
This race today perfectly shows how the Japanese fans are mad for this sport, sure the best fans, because you need to be mad to follow such a boring sport.The commentators on tv are usually enthusiastic but don't be fooled... nothing really happens.

All the media were happy that it's not raining... is it them driving? are they planning a weekend at the seaside in Japan? are they maybe, just maybe, blinded by the illuminati and wishing Mercedes continues boring us to death?

QED quod erat demonstrandum.
result of Mercedes crying in Singapore : Mercedes back to the front.
result of no rain : Mercedes back to the front.
But the media are happy, so are we, right?

summarising... Shamilton wins at Monza in a controversial way, and it's about the Chinese tyres...
suddenly, Ferrari becomes 1 second and a half faster ahead, that is about 2 seconds overall. Not even in videogames... And it seems to be about the Chinese tyres...
Meanwhile, Red Bull menaces to leave and becomes competitive.
ALL CHINESE FAKE Formula 1 illuminati fucking acting

"highlights" (really?) video soon

"ecco Lewis Hamilton, con dei capelli bellissssimi... (ahahaha) ...da vero tamarro"
(Roberto Dupplicato)
Quella è l'unica cosa vera che ha...
La Rai è succube dei media internazionali, traduce servizi che esaltano la diva illuminata del cinema...
Altro da aggiungere presto
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