Sunday, September 13, 2015

r.i.p. papa

one week ago, our dad went to the sky. The night before Monza, and then the sky was deep blue (as in this song from "Different gear, still speeding").
He loved music, like everybody, but also played the organ in churches. The last music I made him listen to, was a Beatles tape. If our parents didn't make us listen to the Italian 60's music, similar to the Beatles, we probably wouldn't have become Oasis fans. When he was not here anymore, I had an illusion, that he moved his head, like after the crash of Senna.
Another song, The beat goes on, reminds me of when we were going around by car with our parents, and they were singing it, obviously without knowing it... miracles of Beady Eye... the most underrated and insulted band in history... they didn't deserve it, also because they are very good, honest persons (unlike someone else).
As we say, it's always the best ones leaving
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