Monday, November 30, 2015

Button : Alonso better than Hamilton

ABU DHABI - Only an idiot can use a mobile phone while driving... especially in a city, especially in Monaco, where one must be careful... congratulations, role model for millions...

Jenson Button always against "arrogant Hamilton", and he knows him very well.
Asked to compare his experience of racing with Alonso this year to Hamilton in 2010-2012, Button replied: "It's a bigger challenge. A more consistent challenge. He's always there. Before this season, Alonso was regarded as the best driver in Formula 1. It's amazing how quickly people forget."

Shamilton's world champion is not regular. His Mercedes engine at the American Grand Prix in Austin wasn't regular, and following the rules, his title should be cancelled.
But as always, the rules are different for him.
Volkswagen, Germanwings, Germany 2006... do you still think ze Germanz are perfect.

Jenson also said Shamilton has no friends in F1... oh wondering why... he's a cunt.

"I still have to practise, he is 3 times world champion, me only 2"
(Hakkinen mocking Shamilton)
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