Monday, November 02, 2015

Button diminishes Hamilton

"If you put myself or Vettel in the same car as him, I think Lewis would not have quite as much confidence as he has today. He’s in a very comfortable situation"

well said! Verstappen also said something similar.
more Jenson: "There are many very capable drivers in Formula 1,” he insisted, “but I think at the moment Hamilton has such a fast and balanced car and without too much competition from inside the team either.”
You know, there are some people who would be allowed to be even arrogant, because they have some great capacity, and usually those people are not arrogant, because they know they are strong, they are the best in something.
Shamilton saying the others can win only if he makes mistakes, saying he's the worst thing for Rosberg, etc shows Shamilton is a very arrogant diva, because the truth is that he's a loser.
Comparing himself to Muhammad Ali, Usain Bolt and Tiger Woods, confirms they're making it a racist thing.
He makes mistakes at almost every GP, the others can't win a title until the sponsors pay for him more than anyone else........... in a Mercedes.
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