Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Hamilton little piece of shit

About what he said on Schumacher... he confirmed once again and again the truth : HAMILTON MIERDA.
Also because, Schumacher clearly had abilities, recognised by everybody, and Hamilton's wins are NOT only thanks to his own abilities as he says... it's clearly the CAR's.
And, Schumacher can't answer... SHAME ON SHAMILTON.
He's jealous because he knows he can never be as big as him.
Typical illuminati strategy...he knows he wins not only thanks to himself, so he says the opposite, to make everybody talk about him.... the media darling. Obviously only a few media are talking about this, and not the Shamilton fans Sky, hiding the truth.
These little assholes of the new generation have no respect and are just cheeky idiots.

"everything happens for a reason"... he had said, referring to the accident of Schumacher.
How can a human be such a huge prick... only the illuminati who think to be God, but they're just little sons of huge bitches.

Hamilton to finish career at Mercedes.

GREAT DECISION, so he'll never be a legend.
Unless he CRASHES. But we would put ourselves on his same LOW level.
So everybody will finally, finally say POOR about him for a reason...

(questa gliel'abbiamo gufata di brutto)
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