Monday, November 09, 2015

Marquez-Lorenzo gay marriage

VALENCIA - We don't follow much MotoGP, so we're no fans... of nobody. Of course Honda is involved, and they were angry about this situation of Marquez letting Yamaha win. With his Honda being faster, he was fighting only when attacked by Pedrosa. It would've been interesting to see if Valentino Rossi reached 3rd, Marquez sure would've behaved as in the previous race. He still has to grow up, he reminds us of Lewis Shamilton the spoiled kid throwing his toys out of the pram.
You're not invited to Eicma 2015.
Rossi was 1st the whole year and deserved the title. It's quite ridiculous to help another one because of the same nationality, this thing is not even in Formula 1, that is a ridiculous "sport" in the recent years. On the contrary, they should be jealous of each other, to be the best Spaniard.
You know, the Spanish tortilla is made with more than one thing... so the world championship was won thanks to more than one...
But it's our fault, we didn't understand, because in Spain they have homosexual marriages, so it's normal for them, also to protect each other.
reminder : marriage -> matrimonio -> from mater, mother
(who is the mother here, giving birth, life... the fundamental figure of the woman)
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