Monday, November 02, 2015

Mexico GP, Hamilton changes topic

MEXICO CITY - Another illuminati strategy : changing the topic.
2 times today, when asked about his race, Shamilton just said one sentence and immediately started to talk about the crowd, the fans... arse licker.
As usual, NO BALLS.

always the same Shamilton mode : on.
"Best fans... best week... couldn't be any better..."
instructions : repeat for every Grand Prix (like an illuminati robot, blinding the people)

Shamilton doesn't know what the Peraltada was...
what a huge, deep knowledge of Formula 1.
Also, he criticised McLaren because he couldn't do what he wanted... shut the fuck up, without McLaren you wouldn't even be in F1.

"I love my fans"... sure you can't find any other fans who are more blinded.

more to add soon, also highlights video

"Hamilton was better than Button at McLaren"
(the typical Shamilton fanboys)
FALSE. 2010, 2011, 2012, same car. Jenson 672 points, Shamilton 657.

Neanche a fare apposta... Mazzoni sbaglia sistematicamente i piloti... ha il 50% , difficile sbagliare... conoscere i caschi visti addirittura dall'abitacolo, sarebbe "troppo", ma c'era tanto di 33 grosso scritto davanti però non è Verstappen ma Sainz.
Poverino, ha anche di meno di percentuale perchè deve azzeccare anche le macchine tipo Mercedes / Force India........
è come se un telecronista di calcio non sapesse leggere i nomi sulle maglie, questi hanno solo 20 piloti.
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