Saturday, March 19, 2016

Australia GP, fake new quali

MELBOURNE - Wow so many surprises and excitement in these "completely changed new quali"... just like Bernie Ecclestone the President friend of Lewis Shamilton promised... they sound like politicians...
what a huge crescendo... Bernie the 86 year old probably fell asleep on the sofa and didn't notice... even no action at all in the final minutes...but yeah something changed: last year Hamilton often took the pole position, now it's sure he takes it in this boredom.
Changing yes : getting worse. So frustrating, even according to the teams. I wonder how it's possible to be satisfied winning this way... must have no sport sense.
All is typically calculated on purpose, masterplanned before, for this : see, we completely changed everything, and our media darling Shamilton is still the best. How difficult, driving a car of a different planet against nobody. Keep on doing bullshit around the world, so they'll say again : DESPITE all these activities, he's superman (the truth is : he wins BECAUSE of all the bullshit around him).
I wonder if there are still people who really like him or they just want to defend their idea ruled by the illuminati. He's really not funny at all and unpleasant.

The media (slaves of the illuminati, they get paid) are even saying "ALL changes", "COMPLETELY different", "ALL A NEW challenge"... hilarious (for the people who are not blinded).
Sky journalists fans of Hamilton were over-excited for Rosberg going a bit offtrack... as if it was thanks to the new rules...
They planned to confuse the people so to worry them and keep them entertained, while nothing really changes.
The only entertainment is when they announce the changes that won't be real changes.
It could also happen that it's worse (at least it was that more than one car was eliminated per time).
There might be something different if someone has some problem, but that has always happened.
How sadly these qualifying ended.

All these BIG CHANGES FOR THE SHOW are fake, just like fake is this illuminati sham Formula 1.
Don't make them fool you. KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN.
bring down the F1 government, they don't speak for us.

L'unico "concitato" per le nuove qualifiche è... è...
Non avevamo dubbi che non capisce mai un cazzo.
Di solito si "concita" con la banana Chiquita.
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