Sunday, April 17, 2016

China GP, Ronald Hamilton

SHANGHAI - The most common same old story in Formula 1 (F1 classics) : Lewser Shamilton struggling to overtake Massa on an much inferior car.
(ovviamente invece quelli della Rai poco prima lo esaltavano...)
Hamilton started the race from the bottom. How appropriate for an arse.
Also illuminati Noel Gallagher used to wear the high type of black Converse All Star, used by clowns.

Everybody delighted that all the drivers finished the race as if it was a positive thing...
the people want crashes, retirements, controversies, issues, cars burning, drivers coming out of the car and having a fight.

Rosberg wins the Chinese Grand Prix too, Vettel and Kvyat arguing.
Vettel overtook the McLaren and he loses pieces of the car ghghgh
still a jinx effect on them.

Magnussen didn't expect negative comment from his fans because he joked about McLaren... and he forgot he has some McLaren fans... don't worry kid, we already know you're an idiot.
You can only have fans among teenage girls "oh how beautiful he is" (really?) like one of the No Direction. Following F1 since 2014. A good company for the Shamilton's rap fans.

podium of the most irritating things :
1) the new fankids talking about F1
2) Massa talking in English (ciu ciu ciu ciu)
3) Shamilton talking.

There's one of those fangirls still moaning (of course with a lot of likes, as idiocy is very popular, like Shamilton with 4 million fans) about "beautiful" Fucking kid Magnussen not receiving a car from McLaren because of the insurance, but paying "old gits" Button and Alonso.
No Ecclestone, no rules, no Shamilton, nothing,
these fankids are the real ruin of this sport. Following F1 since 2014. Of course F1 is not even their main interest, but just 1 of many worlds where to do "fangirling". They don't know where to "throw their heads", Being rubbish.
Now stay away and go back to Justin Bieber.

more highlights soon

Prosegue l'effetto dell'Ufficio Sinistri : le Ferrari si sono colpite tra di loro.
Capelli esaltatissimo "che cosa ha fatto Hamilton all'esterno"... ha fatto che guida una Mercedes contro l'esordiente. Haas.
"Hamilton recita e al 90% non è credibile, per il resto dice cose intelligenti"
(Pino Allievi)
il grande Pino si è accorto che Hamilton vuole "recitare un ruolo che non è il suo". Esattamente quello che fanno gli illuminati. Cambiano personalità.
Nel frattempo Stella Bruno si fa prendere per il culo anche da Alvaro Vitali.
Mazzoni esaltatissimo diceva che sulle prime pagine dei giornali ci sarebbero state le Ferrari.
Per le prove libere? e poi i giornali non chiudono a tarda sera?
Dopo le qualifiche : ci saranno state le Ferrari sulle prime pagine dei giornali?
davanti persino la Red Bull e Rosberg.
Mazzoni eiaculatore precoce.
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