Saturday, April 30, 2016

Russian GP, Hamilton no penalty

SOCHI - Small brains but full of rap music for idiots.

Obviously all the media are talking about the mechanical problems for Shamilton, to hide the fact he should've been disqualified in Q1 qualifying, 'cause he doesn't even know the rules of his "job". He didn't even slow down. His time was not valid and should've been cancelled, so he should've been 22nd. Jinx punishment : 10th on the grid.
Again no penalty for him (already happened also in 2016). They have different rules for him different man... "we are all the same but some are more the same" (communist Animal farm).
If Shamilton wasn't childish with Rosberg fighting for Q1 for nothing, he would've been calm and wouldn't have risked a penalty. He's nervous psychologically and always makes mistakes.
But it seems he knows he can do what he wants, the President protects him...

The masterpiece of the Shamilton's self-called "anti-racist" fanboys comments is :
Mercedes is making Rosberg win because he's German.
Yeah you know, in the past 2 years Mercedes was English.
Pathetic losers moaning diva Lewser comments.
But he pays no tax in England so maybe Mercedes was from some other country, no matter which one. Monaco, Switzerland, Africa, "because he's black", they say.
Also, Mercedes headquarters are in England.
Childish fanboys of Shamilton are abusing Mercedes on Twitter.
Says a lot about them.
I bet it's Mercedes' fault even that he wasn't able to have good starts in 2016.
Or it's just "bad luck", not that he wasn't able.
Always an excuse ready. That is always ready.


Shamilton said : A "bloody shield from the policeman, the riot shields, it's like a bloody riot shield."... no wonder Shamilton is a fucking communist.
"They could die at any moment'"?????? typical illuminati comment (like illuminati Noel Gallagher liking people dying....-> illuminati reduction of the population).
And the aeroscreen is for safety, good even if it looked bad. It's cool, looks like a convertible or an old war airplane. Idiot with no sense of cool. Said by Shamilton who dresses like an uncool asshole. Obviously all the blinded people say it sucks because he said so.
Mafia illuminati criminals in jail. He's a diva moaning about everything. This was another illuminati strategy to make people talk about him Lewser loser, media darling.

The most intelligent thing was said by De La Rosa, ex McLaren driver and test driver for many years.
Questioning the halo is a lack of respect.
Go learn something Shamilton.
With the halo, Senna wouldn't have been penetrated on the helmet by a wheel suspension like an "arrow" and wouldn't have died...........that was the reason.

QED quod erat demonstrandum.
Shamilton doesn't like the canopy-aeroscreen.
President Bernie Ecclestone doesn't like the canopy-aeroscreen.

(1 May day of workers)
let me say something communist (and Formula 1 clearly isn't supposed to be a communist world... even if communists are not really poor... see multi-multi-millionaire Shamilton)
I've seen there are F1 people (like : girls who just have to hold a microphone... it must be easy for some BITCH holding dicks) calling their job a WORK...
they should try to be a MINER... THAT is work.

more highlights soon
Per Mazzoni la Red Bull è una scuderia "anglo-tedesca"...
e col padre serbo-croato come Ajeje Brazorf.
Ovviamente Capelli ha difeso Shamilton. Non ha senso perchè non ha neanche rallentato.
Persino Mazzoni si è finalmente accorto di tutti gli errori di Shamilton...
D'accordo che prova il limite e li faceva anche Schumacher ma sono errori
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