Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Monaco GP, Hamilton @ antidoping

MONTECARLO - After the crash with Rosberg at the Spanish GP, drunk Lewser Shamilton has even been in doubt for the Monaco Grand Prix. They found the moaning cinema diva on drugs in Cannes.

It means something that in the circuit considered the most difficult one, and it is, the driver considered the best one, Senna, won more than anyone else, 6 times, even with cars that were not the best ones, Lotus, McLaren 1993, and even Toleman Segafredo Zanetti, he had practically won in his FIRST year.
The one considered the "new Senna" by the illuminati media and blinded fanboys, took 9 years for a pole position... and driving only fast cars.
It can't big so big coincidences... it means Shamilton SUCKS.
Still struggling vs shite Rosberg and overtaking Massa in an inferior car.

By the way, one who sucks @ Monaco is Massa, crashed so many times with Ferrari too.

more highlights soon
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