Sunday, May 29, 2016

Monaco GP, Hamilton no penalty

MONTECARLO - Think we already had that title...
So, dear Lewser Shamilton aka new Senna... in Brazil it's not possible to overtake, in Monaco neither...
is there a circuit where you can do it? you've become a JOKE.
Only "with a little help from his friends"... And winning only thanks to Red Bull's mistake at the pit stop and Rosberg's problem.
Bastard Shamilton pushing Ricciardo towards the wall, risking to cause a crash. He also cut the chicanes, twice. Always different rules for him....
The media commentators just dismiss it like it didn't happen.
No penalty, as per usual.
At the Monaco Grand Prix you REALLY can't overtake... especially if the one in front of you cuts chicanes (can you imagine if it was Rosberg doing that?).
Can you imagine if Ricciardo was Shamilton... LET THE DIVA PASS...........
Only fankid JUSTIN BIEBER could congratulate Shamilton. Dumb and dumber. Another immature asshole among Shamilton's illuminati friends, sure they get on well. All people who have nothing to do with Formula 1.
He looks like an infant sucking from a feeding bottle. Mummy Shamilton helps him.
Rosberg let Hamilton pass for an issue with his brakes, the Shamilton fanboys would talk about conspiracy.
After the qualifying issue, they were obviously still talking about sabotage.
They make you wish it was true!
Ricciardo moral winner, driver of the day.
more highlights soon

Shamilton knows that Justin Bieber is hated by millions of people. That's why he's with him, to have negative reactions on the illuminati media, to make talk about him from haters so he's the POOR VICTIM again in a difficult period......... All typically calculated.

Per dare una svolta alla sfortuna portata dal Partito Democratico alla Ferrari, questo weekend è andato anche peggio : penalizzazione per cambio del cambio, e manovra (irregolare) di fare un giro perdendo pezzi (metafora del PD).
Sul podio persino una FORCE INDIA dei venditori di rose. Eh quelli hanno bisogno di soldi... l'India è solo uno dei più ricchi paesi al mondo... In Italia invece adesso ci sono solo 1.400.000 minori che vivono in povertà (fonte Istat)
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