Tuesday, May 31, 2016

more illuminati Hamilton

MONACO - More evidence, Lewis Shamilton belonging to the illuminati mafia.
The illuminati bless their stuff (films, cds, etc) with "magic wands". In Montecarlo, Shamilton posed on the podium like Jesus Christ crucified (also see his tattoos and crosses, they do these things to mock Christians, to substitute them with their "religion", it's their masterplan... with more ignorant people, so more "malleable"). They typically "ADMIT" their success comes from something (Mercedes in this case), so they appear to the audience like "HONEST people", to cover the fact they're dishonest. Also in this race, he cut chicanes, closed the space for Ricciardo towards the wall, no penalty and no positions left... always differents rules for him... can you imagine if it was Rosberg... For the English media fanboys, it's always the others fault. Rosberg not letting him pass : wrong. Rosberg letting him pass : wrong. It would've even been a huge scandal for them if he didn't let the moaning diva pass. The poor victim, the media darling.
You know, he keeps using the number 44 (and he could use number 1), as 4 is the most typical illuminati number, double and forming a triangle, the devil's horns. Also, his helmet, in these years of fake wins vs nobody, became white (colour of the light).
It's years we follow these illuminati things. Sure you might think it's crazy, but they are sick people (sick for money). If you do some research you can find them. 
In Monaco, Justin Bieber said it was an "amazing victory"... Hamilton said "one of the best races in my career"... can you imagine the worst ones... This one thanks to the others (Rosberg letting him pass and Red Bull huge mistake) and with no rules for him, what a hero. God makes them, then couples them. These people can only have 12-year old stupid fangirls.
more soon

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