Sunday, May 01, 2016

Russia GP, Hamilton fans in a coma

SOCHI - A recent photo of Shamilton's fans becoming mad.
Rosberg 7 wins in a row and Lewser's fanboys talk about luck, conspiracy, gifts and problems (so decide which one) ...losers rosiconi.
And they say he's a "cry baby" aha said by the diva fans, already in the psychiatric phase they see their problems in other people.
This time he moaned even about stewards.
It must be Mercedes's fault also all his bad starts.
Now suddenly the consipiracy exists.

both McLarens in the points!
but pretty shows how Mercedes (Shamilton from 10th to 2nd) are fighting against nobody,
if even McLaren can be 6th.

Typical double illuminati inculatiiiiiion for Ferrari (Vettel hit 2 times by Kvyat).
"...that's what you get by sleeping with PD." (the enemy)
"democrat"-demoCRAP politicised team
(elected without people voting, like all the illuminati prizes)

Please everybody re-write the Formula 1 history.
Lewser fans say McLaren 2008 and Mercedes 2014 were slow cars.
Yeah defo, a Manor and A Force India.
It's obviously all thanks to his illuminati genius of superior race.

Some F1 people "working" holding microphones & dicks (in fact they are in a relationship with mechanics, etc THAT's why they "work" in F1) are still moaning because they have to WORK catching a plane in the day of "bankholiday Monday"... bankholiday Monday?? holiday was yesterday 1 May even if it was Sunday, today the working people WORK.
They also moan because they have to "work" when it's sunny...
We propose you to work in a mine, so underground the weather doesn't matter, and maybe when you come out you also find a nice snow.
with MILLIONS of unemployed people also in Italy, these fucking people moan about "working" in Formula 1.

Shamilton was about to reach Verstappen at a certain point, I bet he wouldn't have been able to overtake him. Today for the first time Shamilton overtook Massa without any particular problem, usually he struggles.

more highlights soon

la Rai alla frutta... (hanno magnato abbastanza credo)
Mazzoni : "MAI è successo...anzi scusate, sempre"
"i pneumatichi" (Ingegner "Stello" Bruno, tutto un parentado)
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