Sunday, May 15, 2016

Spain GP, Hamilton drunk, joins Manor

BARCELONA - DOPING in Formula 1. Spanish Grand Prix, Lewis Shamilton clearly nervous because at the start he had been overtaken and was behind, went offtrack and crashed into Rosberg.
After the crash, Hamilton put his hands on his face, as to say : oh fuck what I've done... and he threw the steering wheel like a kid throwing toys out of his pram.
Can you imagine if it was Rosberg doing that...
the Shamilton's fanboys would've CRUCIFIED Rosberg.
They even say it was his fault ahahahahahaha
go back to nursery school (if you ever attended at least that one)
Now seriously, Hamilton clearly needs a doctor for psychological problems, the same where his fans go.

Lauda : "it's unacceptable".
SACK Shamilton.
join team MANOR and let's see if you're a real driver.
Should be happy, still a fast Mercedes.
Like Verstappen-Kvyat, if Hamilton was at Red Bull he would've joined TORO ROSSO now.

PDemocraP luck : Ferrari loses vs Verstappen an 18 year old who had never been on the podium and not even leading a race, winning at his first GP at Red Bull, and even with both Mercedes retired.
Driver of the day : Shamilton without a doubt.

Next GP : Monaco... Rosberg should crash into Hamilton.

We came to a conclusion about the Shamilton's fans psychiatric profile.
They live in their own little world where the facts (not opinions) are different from reality, because it reminds them of something little they have... (the brains eh, not something between their legs, lol).
They reached the top comments saying not only that it was Rosberg's fault, but that if it was Hamilton in his place, he would've been given a penalty. Poor victim.
They also "missed" all the penalties their idol didn't get.
To justify that Shamilton didn't take a pole at Monaco in 9 years, they say it was Rosberg's fault (already heard this one) with the yellow flag... it happened something different those weekends (Hamilton had previously used the overtaking button=more power and wasn't allowed... and also that time when he blamed Mercedes but then it came out it was him asking to pit), and Rosberg won more there.
Probably Shamilton got a yellow flag for 9 years.

more highlights soon

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