Sunday, June 19, 2016

Baku GP, Hamilton conspiracy of the sun

BAKU - Azerbaijan Grand Prix of "Europe". Oh the irony of the SUN of the illuminati in the EYE only of Shamilton... (not the others eh). The cool one always wearing sunglasses. Not when crashing on walls. Clearly, a conspiracy plotted by the sun.

It took him 11 laps, Shamilton always struggling vs a Williams. Nothing new.
And he even can use DRS. In a circuit with long straights.
Most overrated driver of all time. Fact.
I'd rather get Wehrlein, 8th with a Manor fighting with Ferrari.

moaning diva Shamilton said the other drivers moan.
and he moaned about it too.
He's clearly got a guilty conscience, he knows it's his biggest flaw.

more highlights soon

il gufo Mazzoni :
"vediamo la risposta di Hamilton" ... immediatamente inquadrato Hamilton fermo.
"e allora ci saranno le Ferrari in prima fila" ... immediatamente Rosberg in pole position.
Ivan Capelli con pronta la scusa del sole in faccia che lo ha fatto sbagliare
(non c'è il sole per gli altri?)
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