Sunday, June 12, 2016

Canada GP, Hamilton no penalty

MONTREAL - Basically we can put the same title for every Grand Prix.
Same old shit, never a penalty for Shamilton of course. Can you imagine his fanboys if it was Rosberg doing that at the start... pushing his team mate offtrack.
For the media : nothing happened.
...even SHITTY Ferrari is better than Shamilton!
But it's all already written on the illuminati masterplan : making him win the championship 'cause he gets double money. The sponsors count.
It's like the referee maFIA in football, results are VERY changeable... where the money goes...
What a coincidence : the safety car ends when Vettel pits... Great sense of timing from the FIA... (Ecclestone is a Hamilton fan"boy"). What a joke of a "sport". It's normal the people have lost interest in Formula 1.
arse licker Shamilton : hey Canada! ... etc
reaction : booooooo

Basically, Shamilton only wins with gifts from Red Bull and Ferrari, and his dumb fans are like : "greatest win in history" (because they know it was shite).

more highlights soon
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