Wednesday, June 15, 2016

no Canada - Brazil 2017 ?

LONDON - Bernie Ecclestone said the Grand Prix of Brasil and Canada are in doubt for the 2017 Formula 1 calendar, and they could be erased from the new season.
Probably because Ecclestone's favourite Shamilton ("the new Senna") said it's impossible to overtake in Interlagos (but Verstappen could do it). And because he found it difficult to overtake in Montreal and had to push Rosberg out (as always : no penalty for Hamilton).
Lewser Hamilton said the same about Monaco, so MonteCarlo could be erased too (it took him 9 years for a pole position).
But he's wrong, 'cause in Sao Paulo he could overtake "legend" Glock and finishing 5th he won the title.
The most over-rated driver, media darling of all time in F1 history.

more news soon
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