Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Austria GP, fans boo Hamilton the liar

SPIELBERG - The podium. Shamilton arse licker with always the same "best circuit, best fans, best food, etc" for every GP (when he wins). Ridiculous, grow some sense of shame.
Rosberg and Hamilton face suspension threat from Mercedes. Would've loved to see if it was the opposite in the collison, what his fanboys would've said. Rosberg's fault in any case. Very mature. Their blinded fanboyism confuses them, they don't agree even among each other. Some of them think Rosberg is a great driver... just to let them think Shamilton is a legend. Some others think Rosberg is rubbish. And still, Shamilton struggles desperately.
Shamilton said Rosberg was ahead because of a mistake by Mercedes. Obviously.
Lauda : Hamilton lied about his relationship with Rosberg. Nothing new, Shamilton is a cheater.
Hamilton destroyed his room after his mistake in Baku qualifying. Nothing new, the kid throwing his toys (dildos, vibrators) out of the pram.

Just like when Lauda insults Ferrari every time, then he says he was misunderstood. Same old illuminati scheme. First they tell the truth to make the media talk about them. Then they remember they cause a mess in the team.

Max Verstappen unhappy with "wanting to be cool" Shamilton's attitude over safety.

Well done everybody, so now all the blinded audience will think : oh poor Hamilton... the victim.

Button driving a Mercedes would beat the shit out of Shamilton.

more highlights soon

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