Saturday, July 09, 2016

Hamilton's fans are gay

SILVERSTONE - Formula 1 is not a man's world. Yes, women are generally not as good as men driving, but F1 is full of women working, and yes they can say what they think and want. And there are many girls following as fans.
The typical attitude of the Shamilton's fanboys is :
shut up woman, go back to the kitchen.
Assholes. They just show what they are... Every driver has the fans he deserves... rap fans for Shamilton. Shut up said from them following F1 since 2014.
They're not interested in women because they're gay.  They're so blinded, they prefer Shamilton to women.

The fans of Hamilton are the "anti-racist"... good.
But they don't even accept who thinks different from them...
and they even deny the evidence.
Hilarious, they are a joke.

more highlights soon
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