Friday, August 26, 2016

Belgian GP, Hamilton arse licker

SPA-FRANCORCHAMPS - As always an arse licker, when for every GP he says things like : best fans, best food, best circuit (only when he wins), Lewis Shamilton posts about the earthquake in Italy, with an Italian flag... (as if the earthquake was in ALL Italy) ...using the earthquake for his media reputation. He was a talent at the beginning of his career, as many drivers. Then he's been sly, caring about his social image, in this "hip hop" world nowadays even playing the victim, with a false reputation of being born poor (inside McLaren, drinking champagne at 9 years old in a luxury hotel in London) and became the most overrated driver thanks to the media. With these things, that's why he drives the best car, gets more money than anyone else (obviously the sponsors want him to win) and wins. Not because he's better than others. He's much, much worse.

QED quod erat demonstrandum.
The fucking kid Kevin Magnussen is a rubbish driver.
No puncture.
SECOND in Fomula 1 according to Sky Shamilton fanboys.
Of course Shamilton is the best. In fact, Alonso driving a McLaren was ahead of "The Legend" driving a German invincible car.
Shamilton driver of the day, and not Alonso.
Just another proof he's a media darling, and the people are blinded by them.

more highlights soon

Il Tg della Rai-TeleRenzi ha detto che il Presidente della Ferrari è più vicino al comunismo di Marx.
ah beh allora siamo a posto... Lui di certo è a posto coi soldi e non vivendo in Italia... più a posto di così...
il comunismo rosso di Marx ha portato pure fortuna alla Ferrari...
si beccano persino tra di loro.
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