Sunday, September 18, 2016

Singapore GP, Hamilton's excuses

SINGAPORE - Almost until the end of the race, there was a strong possibility to have 4th Shamilton in a Mercedes, 5th Alonso in a shite McLaren (can you imagine if he was in a Mercedes). But it's better to have Shamilton on the podium, to see his "attapirata" face.
It's always someone else's fault. Shamilton is a half man with no balls, taking no responsibilities.

The childish, racist Shamilton fanboys usually say Mercedes makes Rosberg win because he's German. When he loses, they say Mercedes is not German and has headquarters in England (and still they play a German anthem on the podium...).

Mercedes does NOT even NEED a driver to be absoultely German (a proof is Roberg was often unsure to be confirmed @ Mercedes). German people who want to buy a Mercedes, they do it and it's enough. It's as Ferrari without an Italian driver, because they want to sell Ferrari cars abroad. An Italian rich man who wants to buy a Ferrari, he does it also without Ferrari having an Italian driver.

more highlights soon
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