Sunday, October 30, 2016

Mexico GP, Hamilton pathetic loser

MEXICO CITY - Spot the guy hiding in the grass. Where's Wally? His fanboy Ecclestone wants walls there. Shamilton COMPLETELY cutting the chicane (already happened for example in Monaco, no penalty) now at the start and getting advantage... if it was Rosberg doing it, he would've been crucified. Hamilton said before the race : I shouldn't lock up the tyres.
Done it.
Under investigation immediately : the contact between Rosberg and Verstappen, and not Shamilton.
He should be punished, but it never happens. A very serious "sport".

Hamilton CABRON. Finally the people are realising what he is. A Fia arse licker.
Even McLAREN could be 1st at the first corner if they cut the chicane.
"No sé porque le hacen publicidad a este imbécil" gets the whole point.

Hamilton said the difference has been that he had a lot of failures and LUCK has changed in 2016.
Starting bad 6 times is no luck.
Not a sporting behaviour, not English at all.
The Shamilton fanboys are sore, sore losers.
Just like him.
It's a typical effect of the illuminati blinding the people losing a personality of their own... they want to be "like him"... assholes like him.

The excuses (Hamilton-like excuses) given by the media (Hamilton fans most of all, especially in England of course) for no penalty given to him are ridiculous :
the stewards are usually more lenient on the first lap.
Yeah first lap doesn't count. Only the most important things in Formula 1 history happened.
New rule : in Monza starting from pole you can "jump" the first chicane.
Next race, Brazil : jump the first chicane "because it's just the first lap", and you gain many seconds.
Rosberg was forced by Verstappen, Hamilton's mistake was all of himself.
As always : new, different rules for Hamilton. This F1 is fixed before happening.
They want to keep F1 interesting... for the sponsors. That's all they really care about.

The best part is that with the podium issue Vettel-Verstappen-Ricciardo, nobody gave attention to Hamilton winning.

Ricciardo admitted he was mystified as to why Hamilton was not penalised.
"To be honest also I didn't understand the start, how you can be leading the race, defend, lock your wheels and go off track, and still stay in the lead.
I think Lewis deserved a penalty. I think anyone in that position deserves a penalty.
I don't know, for me if you lock up the brakes and cut the corner, it's a mistake, you have to pay the price."

Nico Hulkenberg thinks it was "very strange" for the stewards to ignore Lewis Hamilton going across Turn 1 at the start of the Mexican Grand Prix as it has set a confusing precedent going forward...
"If that's not gaining an advantage then I don't know what is gaining an advantage."
"I was surprised afterwards that IT WASN'T EVEN LOOKED AT."

more highlights soon

problema tecnico in Rai (speriamo sia un ritiro), si sentivano solo motori e frenate. Stupendo.
Mazzoni & c. non si sono accorti di niente, noncuranti del pubblico come una dittatura.
Poi che serietà è chiudere subito sia le qualifiche che la gara APPENA TAGLIANO IL TRAGUARDO, senza interviste nè approfondimenti nè niente, perchè c'è l'ennesimo Telegiornale di parte di regime, di TeleRenzi.
Nel frattempo i soliti canali di RaiSport trasmettono tutti (e doppi, anche in HD) lo stesso programma, una partita di pallavolo a fine qualifiche. Una partita di basket a fine gara.
E noi paghiamo doppio canone tv.
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