Sunday, May 14, 2017

Spain GP, Hamilton conspiracy

BARCELONA - If it was Shamilton and not Bottas with Mercedes engine problems, his fanboys would have shouted : CONSPIRACY !!

During the Spanish national anthem, Shamilton was moving his head as listening to music, in fact he had little earphones. I don't think he was moving his head to the national anthem... What a complete asshole.
Then he licked the arse of the fans, talking about them in Spain. Classic Shamilton.
We remember their racist stuff against him, so he has a few to lick.

And today he won thanks to the safety car.

Ladies and gentlemen, Lewminati Shamilton, 9 years for a pole position @ Monaco, driving fast cars.

more highlights soon

Gran Premio di Spagna ancora in differita sulla Rai, già il 4° Gran Premio su 5 (giustamente quello arabo del Bahrain non potevano perderselo, perchè gli arabi ci stanno comprando tutto).
Cosa paghiamo noi? i telegiornali del PD.
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