Sunday, June 25, 2017

Azerbaijan GP, Hamilton ASSHOLE

BAKU - Shamilton braking on a corner behind safety car. Penalty for Vettel of course eh...
According to the Shammy blinded fanboys, Lewis ACCELERATED. Of course. It was clear to everybody.
Media darling loser Lewser never gets a penalty as usual.
LOVED how Vettel hit Shamilton as a vendetta.
Crybaby Shamilton MOANED (how rare) because a 10-second penalty wasn't enough... how sporting.. Next time : let's brake behind a safety car in a corner in front of him. Let's say what God Shammy says.
He even asked for Bottas to block Vettel. Very sporting behaviour.
And even MENACED VIOLENCE if he meets Vettel. What a great sportsman.
Can you imagine a crybaby in a fight? "Vettel hit me mama he hit me" ahahaha
After many minutes, when they saw Shamilton had a problem, they immediately gave a penalty to Vettel. Ridiculous.
Dangerous driving from Vettel at 50 km/h 😂 sure it's very dangerous for a great man like Hamilton...
Never a penalty in so perfect timing... That pretty showed how FIA is.
Karma punished Lewminati.
The more his media compare him to Senna, the more he's a dickhead.
9 years for a pole in Monaco, driving fast cars. Next new Senna.

more highlights soon
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