Tuesday, June 27, 2017

let's punch Hamilton in the face

MONZA - Lewis Hamilton always the one involved in troubles, what a coincidence. Poor victim.
Now listen, Shamilton clearly meant VIOLENCE (and he even thinks to be a role model) when he said "not talking but something else", about being a man. If we meet him @ Monza, we punch him in the face.
I know we could get arrested and all, but we don't care. In Italy, not even criminals and politicians are in jail, that's the example they give us.
British people are famous for their "sporting behaviour", but in the end the hooligans are from there, and their fans are not sporting everytime (and they HATE WOMEN, they insult them and say they can't talk), so it's a stereotype.
Italians are famous for being passionate, too passionate, sure we don't give a fuck, and that's how it should it be.
Go Brits boo Ferrari @ Silverstone, we punch him @ Monza.
The media darling must stop being able to do anything.
We can predict a very animated "autographs" session...
You're gonna get a Prost nose. Not Senna.

Vettel has a much more passionate character than Shamilton, often too much, and he over-reacts.
So talking about being a real man, and "something else than talking", Hamilton is really risking to be punched.
Because sometime Vettel could really overreact even more. But Vettel is also more intelligent than him. It doesn't take much to be more intelligent than an asshole.

I subscribed to Spotify (that is : about MUSIC), and among the few famous ones they suggest to add, there is fucking HAMILTON.
About MUSIC.
If only. 

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