Monday, June 26, 2017

Lewis Hamilton the hypocrite

BAKU - here's more about the Azerbaijan GP incident. 
Through the media protecting him, the crybaby even menaced violence towards Vettel, asked in interviews for more seconds of penalty and accused him of not being a man. 
He even asked for Bottas to block Vettel. What a great sportsman. 
Media darling Shamilton absolute disgrace of a half man with no balls.
Sky fanboys obviously defending him.
British fans always hating Germans, are stuck @ Second World War (like Islam stuck @ Middle Age) and want to go to Silverstone to boo Vettel. Now that's the real Britishit sporting sense.

Hamilton to win still needs a perfect German car made by an Italian man... Costa. And still struggling.
He even thinks to be a ROLE MODEL on the media, wishing “kids don’t follow Vettel’s example”… I hope kids don’t follow loser Lewser’s example where you can cry to get what you want …
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