Friday, June 23, 2017

victim Hamilton could leave F1

here's another media game, a strategy for the media darling, the loser crybaby the poor victim Lewser Shamilton, it's even a MENACE : he might leave Formula 1. That's because he's losing another championship, so they must make him win.
How childish, how immature, how pathetic.
The circus would be lost without one taking 9 years for pole position @ Monaco, driving only fast cars, and he seriously SAID he wants to be like Senna, and wants the people to remember him like Senna.
No doubt. There was maybe also someone called Senna in some circus not of F1, a circus of clowns.

more bullshit from him soon

Azerbaijan Grand Prix. At least now it's no more the shittyEurope GP.
Europe is NOT an islamic continent.
Black people might work in countries like the Netherlands that had colonies, so it's normal. It doesn't really work in France and UK.
Italy had colonies with MUSSOLINI... and now communists want black people... Ridiculous.
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