Friday, July 07, 2017

Austria GP, karma punishing pathetic Hamilton

SPIELBERG - This is called KARMA (already punishing him in Baku). Lewser Shamilton set to grid penalty after gearbox change. Obviously his stupid fans are blaming Vettel. They know a lot about Formula 1, being cricket fans.
After free practice 1, the media were like WOW about Loo-is 1st. Oh so quick! Quick with a Red Bull at +0.190
Let's give Verstappen a Mercedes and see what quick means with Lewminati not even seeing him.
The English media are still talking about the Baku incident, sycophant Shamilton was making it a MORAL matter and calling it a SECURITY matter, licking the arse of FIA (suddenly he's a saint). With all the bullshit he's done blocking the others etc. at least one bullshit in almost every race and never getting a penalty, he talks about how to behave. ASSHOLE. And even in Baku he asked for Bottas to block Vettel. Very sporting Englishman. He had said he wants to win the title "the right way"...
For the media, when a driver makes a mistake > mistake. Bad driver.
Media darling Shamilton makes a mistake -> he's looking for the limit.
Ridiculous. Typical excuses from them.

KARMA punishing him even more : after brake checking Vettel, now problems with brakes.
Shamilton once again showed to be a fake, with his enthusiastic interviews for the media, and he knew there was a gearbox change and said nothing.
Qualifying, he made another mistake as always and karma punished him again with yellow flags for Haas with Ferrari engine... fanboys will say it's a conspiracy.

more highlights soon

"...pretty soon you're gonna be dead". 
But only if you're "like Senna"...
9 years for a pole position in Monaco, driving fast cars. New Senna.
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