Wednesday, July 19, 2017

British GP, Hamilton blocking as always gets no penalty

SILVERSTONE - Ok, in Monza we punch Shamilton in the face.
Always something wrong happens @ Silverstone.
The son of a huge white bitch strikes again. The media darling celebrated so they gave him no punishment as always, for blocking as always, now Grosjean (Ferrari engine...)
"Unbelievable" they said... not. Just the usual.
They should block the diva and see what happens...  then the crybaby and his sycophants would have something to cry for.
He was the only absent one at F1 Live in London... he shows himself only @ expensive Grand Prix,  not free events in London for poor people...
Let's give Alonso (P1 in Q1) a Mercedes and the media darling Lewser wouldn't even see him.
Bottas with a 5-place grid penalty for gearbox change, now the Shamilton Fanboys will not be crying that we need to get rid of grid penalties like they were in Austria...
Until this piece of shit stays in Formula 1 with different rules for him, this sport will always be shit.
What a coincidence : he's always the one involved in troubles.
Toto Wolff said moaning Grosjean should be happy he's in F1... what a gentleman... his Shamilton is the king of moaners and he would moan if he was the one blocked.

what's a Hollywood actor on the podium got to do with Formula 1...
acting, fiction... both fake worlds of money.
The point is the people supporting Lewser were not even born in the 80s, many not even in the 90s, they don't even know what is F1. They think it's a show, with the media saying he's the new Senna and they believe them, ignoring that it took him 9 years for a pole position in Monaco, driving fast cars.

He always changes ideas 'cause he's an attention seeker, so the media always have titles for him. Now he said he doesn't know if he retires at the end of 2017... he always sounds like a menace... make me win or I quit.
It's the last one, so make me win.
childish crybaby, with the media playing his game.

Today he said he will race for 5 or 6 years.
nah, tomorrow he says he will retire next weekend, to have media attention.
nah, the first GP he loses he says he will retire at the end of the season (so to make him win).
nah, in the next years when Verstappen or someone else has a decent car, he definitely retires.
Bad loser Lewser.

more highlights soon

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