Saturday, July 08, 2017

English Sky journalists blocking

The amount of media darling DIVA Lewis Shamilton's dick sucking has become beyond ridiculous.
A few non-blinded English fans said they are even ashamed to be English.
If you don't agree with the bullshit they say in their arse-licking fanboyism, these sycophants even block you. Rachel Brookes, Jennie Gow, Natalie Pinkham, etc.
That's their childish "democracy". They cause nausea watching Formula 1 in the fans not blinded by them. The more they behave like this, the more they show there's something wrong with their "hero" (you know that one never getting a penalty and taking 9 years for a pole position in Monaco, driving fast cars. New Senna. And still needs a perfect German car made by an Italian man, and still struggles).
About the Baku incident with Vettel, no word about Loo-is Lewser clearly referring to violence if he met Vettel. And he's even considered a poor victim and a saint. Always moaning like a crybaby.
Some are even married to ugly men working @ Sky... that says a lot.
They are probably paid to be fangirls. They're no "journalists" but media bitches.

Shamilton once again showed to be a fake, with his enthusiastic interviews for the media, and he knew there was a gearbox change and said nothing.
He's allowed to be only SUPERCOOL. Then he even said he's not interested in winning this race.

KARMA punishing him even more : after brake checking Vettel, now problems with brakes.

Beside, these journalists are all anti-Trump idiots, reblogging bullshit. Media slaves.
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