Sunday, July 30, 2017

Hungary GP, Hamilton media blame tv

BUDAPEST (Hungaroring) - The highest point of ridiculous. The media supporting their media darling diva blaming the tv (themselves) not following Shamilton with direct images, for not doing good lap times.
That is proof the media receive orders from above...
By the way, why are the media hiding Shamilton's new horrible hairstyle?
they must be ashamed.
Lewser : "I look at Williams and look at how cool it would be to one day drive for Williams and help them get back to the top..."
you struggle to win with a perfect Mercedes, and you want to get a Williams to the top, LOL.
Meanwhile, Justin Bieber went to church and then hit a photographer.
Could be only a Shamilton's friend.

Shamilton blocking again, now Magnussen, and not getting a penalty as always.

Shamilton behind Verstappen and obviously couldn't pass him.
-> obviously penalty for Verstappen.
This is how Formula 1 "works".
Shamilton would've NEVER got a penalty if he was Verstappen,
it would've been just "Hamilton blocking the tyres", race incident.

Mercedes faking a mistake by Bottas to let Shamilton pass, 'cause he was not able to pass him.
ridiculous F1
I see some girls around like Shamilton. Because he's WEAK. And always needs a help.

The strategy of letting Shamilton pass was "right" in a certain point of view (but wrong for real racing), because his car was faster and they tried to catch the Ferraris. BUT if he tried to pass Bottas for real (and they could fake it in a better way), he wouldn't have had to let Bottas pass at the end, so he would've gained the 3rd position HONESTLY.
What a strange word for Shamilton...

did you notice how the "5 laps to attack Ferrari" for Shamilton became more?
talking about being a sportsman is ridiculous : if he behaved in a different way, he would've got a fine to pay.

The media are going mad. Another journalist, not even British, says to hope (and that we also should do it... they decide for us, same democracy of Sky journalists blocking if you don't agree) that Hamilton will not miss at the end of the championship these points he had to give Bottas... Those points were NOT Hamilton's, he had to PASS Bottas to have them.
We wonder who pays them to say these things.
This is the same "democracy" we're having in several governments...

more Hungarian Grand Prix highlights soon

"La livrea arancione della McLaren era così quando Bruce McLaren esordì nel 1966"
No, era bianca e un po' verde.

numero di scuse date da Mazzoni per Shamilton che non fa il miglior tempo : 14.
traffico (c'è solo per lui?), problemi, bla bla, persino NON è STATO INQUADRATO (COSA C'ENTRA???????) Ah già il cocco dei media deve avere attenzione mediatica... Questa è la prova che hanno ORDINI DALL'ALTO...

E poi siamo proprio sicuri che Giovinazzi sia capace di guidare?

Abbiamo visto in giro che dopo questi anni in cui persino le strade sono disastrate (segno di un paese allo sbando totale ormai del Terzo Mondo, ma facevano apposta localmente mettendosi d'accordo coi meccanici per spartirsi i soldi dei danni), infatti andavano spesso a Striscia La Notizia, adesso guarda caso stanno iniziando a rifarle... guarda caso tra qualche mese ci sono le elezioni politiche...
Benvenuti in Italia.
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