Tuesday, July 04, 2017

penalty for Hamilton's idiotic fanboys

more about the Azerbaijan incident. This shows how the Loo-is Shamilton fanboys are stupid (there's no need to prove it). 
They posted this FAKE (fake like him, always doing what he wants, blocking drivers and never getting a penalty, and they even moan and play the victims) and his blinded fans believed it was true (they didn't even notice it's full of mistakes, just like all the mistakes their idol makes in every GP, and they can't see them, following the media calling him PERFECT). 
It happens when you believe the media.
Just accept it : if Shamilton was Vettel, he would've had no punishment as always. In this case too, he should've got one. And the cybaby is even crying like a poor victim.
Just as fake was English Sky telemetry desperately defending their media darling "hero" (if you don't agree with their "journalists", they block you... that's their democracy), against "the German", Vettel. They want to be anti-racist and show to be the racist ones. Not even Mercedes published that fake telemetry

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